The objectives of the association are:
·       To establish and provide a range of services such as educational, recreational and benevolent social service to members of the community.
·       To promote our rich Indian values, culture and tradition by having social and cultural activities which includes all of the family, friends and the community.
·       To promote causes that benefit both the Australian Indian Community and the Australian community at large.
The NSW Indian Welfare Association holds a number of events during the year. We hold an Annual Day to commemorate the commencement of NSW IWA, a Deepavali function, Seniors Day and a picnic to areas of interest in and around Sydney.  In February/ March to coincide with Organ Donation Week, IWA participates in a cricket match in partnership with Transplant Australia between an Indian Community XI and the Australian Transplant Cricket Club to promote organ and tissue donation in the Indian community.
Every alternate Monday, we have the Monday meeting where speakers are invited to present on various topics of interest to Members. Monday meetings are very popular and are well attended.
We welcome you to participate in the activities of NSW IWA, suggest new activities, contribute articles to the website and become a member if you are not already one.





NSW Indian Welfare Association and Organ and Tissue Donation


JEEVAN DHAN - CRICKET MATCH - MARCH 17  The NSW Indian Welfare Association is active in
  promoting awareness of organ and tissue donation
  in the Indian community and will continue the tradition of
  the Jeevan Dhan cricket match this year with an 
  Indian Community XI vs
  the Australian Transplant Cricket Club.
  NSW IWA is working with Transplant Australia to bring
  this match to our members, our families and friends
  and our large supporter base.
 Harsha Bhogle, renowned cricket commentator from India
 has contributed to a media release promoting the cricket match

 on March 17th, 2013