7 cup cake

The 7 cup cake

by Vasantha Viswanathan


7 cup cake




Besan Flour                 1 cup

Sugar                          3 cups

Ghee                           1 cup

Milk                             1 cup

Dessicated coconut       1 cup

Cardamom powder       ½ tsp

Saffron                         a few strings




1.Mix besan flour in milk in a container and make sure there are no lumps

2.Add ghee and mix

3.Add dessicated coconut and sugar and mix

4.Pour into a fry pan or a heavy bottomed pan and stir by heating on the stove

5.The mixture should reduce in amount. Add powdered cardamom and a few threads of saffron.

6.Bring to boil and when crystallisation starts, pour into a greased tray.

7.Cut into small squares or diamond shape when cooled

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