Recipes - Eggplant RIce



Rama Gopal with helper


by Rama Gopal




Eggplants                    2 to 3 long ones  

Onions                        1 medium sized

Tomato                       1 small

Salt                             to taste

Oil                              6 tsp 

Ghee                           4 tsp

Rice                            1 cup 

Water                          2.5 cups

Mustard seeds              1/4 tsp

Channa dhal                 1 tsp




Urid dhal                     1 tsp 

Channa dhal                1 tsp 

Dry Chillies                3 

Desiccated coconut     4 tsp (shredded)

Coriander seeds           1 tsp



Cardamom                   4 or 5 seeds

Cinnamon                    1/2 an inch

Cloves                         2





1.Wash the eggplants and cut them into long, thin strips.

2.Cut the onions in the same way and keep aside.

3.Boil some water in a saucepan and put the tomato in it for 3 minutes.

4.Remove skin and dice the tomato.

5.Next wash the rice and cook it in two and a half cups of water until soft and keep aside.

6.After five minutes, fluff the rice with a fork.

7.Sprinkle some hot water on the desiccated coconut and leave for five minutes.

8.In a pan heat a teaspoon of oil and fry the masala ingredients except for desiccated coconut to golden brown.

9.Then add the coconut and remove from the heat. Grind it to a powder.

10.Grind the remaining spices in a pestle and mortar.

11.In a non-stick wok, heat the oil and ghee and add mustard seeds.

12.When it splatters add the channa dhal.

13.When the dhal becomes golden brown, add the onions and cook until soft.

14.To this add the eggplant strips and cook for one minute and then throw in the diced tomato.

15.When all of them are cooked but still firm, add the masala powder and half a teaspoon of salt.

16.Mix thoroughly. Now it’s the time to add the rice, along with the spice powder. Season it with salt and mix well.

17.Now the eggplant rice is ready. It can be served with papad.


Eggplant rice with papad

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