Kulfi on the go

Kulfi on the go!


by Cheenu Srinivasan





Alphonso mango pulp (available at Udaya)               2 tins

Sweet Condensed Milk                                            1 small tin

Evaporated Milk                                                      1 small tin

Thickened Cream                                                    1 small bottle (250ml)



Pistachios                                                               a handful

Almonds                                                                 a handful


(C )

Saffron                                                                        a few strings

Cardamom powder                                                    


Kulfi on the go

  a tsp



pyrex glass baking dish (300mm by 200mm by 50mm)

glad wrap

hand held nut grinder


pizza cutter or sturdy knife





1.Pour (A) into baking dish and stir with fork till fully blended in

2.Add (C) and stir well

3.Grind (B) and mix and sprinkle thin layer over top

4.Cover with Glad Wrap and freeze

5.Cut and serve when set



PS: This recipe works equally well with banana pulp and passion fruit pulp.

Slight variations in proportions can be experimented such as less or more pulp, sweet condensed milk and thickened cream/evaporated milk

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